"Never compare your chapter 1 to somebody else's chapter 20." - Justin Bonitz

6 Minutes To A Wheelchair was the first band that Justin Bonitz was a lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter for, joining together in 2008 at the age of 17.

All The Way To The BankEdit

My First Time Screaming (2008 demo)02:31

My First Time Screaming (2008 demo)

"The origin of this song is that I was teaching my band how a loop-pedal worked. I dropped my guitar while it was recording, and then I just started playing the same three notes over and over again and it was really annoying. Every time my mom came into the basement to tell me to do something, I would play the loop extremely loud until she left. We all thought it was hilarious, so eventually we decided to make it an actual song, just to irritate her." -Justin Bonitz 

Members: Edit

  • Vocals - Justin Bonitz
  • Lead guitar - Justin Bonitz
  • Rhythm guitar - Justine Pumyea
  • Bass - Bobby Cote
  • Drums - Mike King

 Trivia Edit

  • "This was the first time that I ever tried screaming. I was 17 years old. It was recorded with a low-quality digital camera and a full band. Our band was called, '6 Minutes To A Wheelchair' and the song was called, 'All The Way To The Bank' This was the only song we created under that band name."  -Justin Bonitz

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