"A Drunken Stalemate"
Song by Hungry Lights
from the album The Awry Ascent
October 11, 2015
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"A Drunken Stalemate" is track five on the Hungry Lights studio album "The Awry Ascent."


During this chapter of the story, Prill wanders out of a storm and into a tavern full of drunks, harlots, and heathens. A woman who is perceived to be a prostitute takes kindly to him. He is also intoxicated. Prill dances and talks to the woman, hoping she will leak information about the myth of the creature he wishes to hunt.


As I sat alone,

My low, rose eyes scoured the tavern

In that mass of riffraff,

Maybe I'd find an outcast that had whipped the chance I pined

A darkness flowed beside me

It smelled of rain and low tide

Curious, I queried for a dance

Them' types of mirrors, they show things they don't mean to

How she would cough the cue

The music blared; we swirled and dipped

I draped a mask, and swaggered like I'd been a mess

My breath was foul with ale and smoke and fumes

This drunken stalemate had locked me where I stood

And as she blathered horns of nonsense,

Not soon enough, she burnished my covet prize

And like a fool, I set out into the storm

And like a fool, pursued

 Trivia Edit

  • An earlier conceptualized name for this song was "A Dance With A Heart."

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