"A Father's End"
Song by Hungry Lights
from the album Heavy Is The Crown
November 15, 2016
Heavy Is The Crown track listing
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"A Father's End" is track eleven on the Hungry Lights studio album "Heavy Is The Crown."


In the final chapter, Prill reaches his Abalone, only to find it was a trap. He is greeted by Reflaugh and his crew of scoundrels, and they chain Prill to the floor and make him watch and listen as Reflaugh tells him all the wicked things he is going to do to Abalone. Once finished, Reflaugh, sets the floor ablaze and Prill is burned alive... however, Prill manages to once again cheat death. Thoroughly impressed by Prill's strength and will to survive, he offers Prill the deal of a lifetime. If Prill joins Reflaugh's crew to work off the debt he owed Cuemith, then Reflaugh will set Abalone free and return her to Prite. Broken and defeated, Prill accepts.


In the darkness, there's a glow

And I suppose that's the idea

So to the ground, stealth and swiftly I proposed

-On the chance no one could hear me

Warry footsteps in the gray

But I’m not frightened

I would fear me!

And all this time, I'd never sank so low

That’s why I feel so far away

I'd one shot and all to lose

(My eyes were shut, my ears were set)

-No such thing as wasting time

(Not a patient man, so a penitent man)

My hands were coarse

And my heart beat with a sound like a stampede of horses

I’d no idea what was waiting there for me,

That’s why I feel so far away

I'd one shot and all to lose

(My eyes were shut, my ears were set)

-No such thing as wasting time

(Not a patient man, so a penitent man)

Patience—my only move

(My eyes were shut, my ears were set)

And that hushed when I fell away

(Not a patient man, so a penitent man)

My god, I’m not okay

Looking out in confusion, I had made a mistake!

I had jumped to conclusion

And there was no escape

-Not my best

I had sacrificed everything

I would not leave this place empty-handed again!

There was no retreat

I’d not be defeated by virtue

Believe, I’d push it

What a heathen to make an impression on me!

Introducing: the star of the show!

Dirty fingers and laughing

Your eyes could not lie

I held my back to a fiery stove

I was in ire—I was engulfed

All I desired? A slit of the throat

I was outnumbered—all of me burned

I would rip off this crown if I could,

But it branded itself to my skull

-Felt cemented, my spirit was choked

The flames rushed in

I smiled—I smiled for you

I'm impressed that I could not see it through this maze

Different stage, but the mask was the same

I felt numb

That fel-crown slipped off

My soul went quiet for the first and only time

What have you done for me?

This trust’s been lost

I am tired and I am done

I don’t care anymore!

-Dreams of fire seared my cheeks

But I couldn’t feel anymore...

Has my heart turned into dust?

-No more tears anymore

Here’s to a father’s end!

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