"An Outset In The Sea"
Song by Hungry Lights
from the album The Awry Ascent
October 11, 2015
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Aphotic Currents 1 Prite & Promise

"An Outset In The Sea" is track two on the Hungry Lights studio album "The Awry Ascent." Remember that this is a summary, not the entire story! It is like 10% of what is actually going on—just the skeleton. It is a rough translation of what is literally going on in the lyrics. There is also a figurative story that is taking place at the same time which goes much deeper and does not involve the fictional character Prill, but that is up to you to find :) It is much easier to discover the hidden meaning when you grasp a decent understanding of the literal meaning first. These are your puzzle pieces, and I highly suggest you study them before pursuing the next albums in the sequence, otherwise emotion and information will be lost, therefore connections will be missed!


"An Outset In The Sea" is basically the first chapter of the story. You are introduced to the main character, "Prill," who is a twenty-five year old sea hunter (like a fisherman, but for plesiosaurs and other sea monsters rather than fish). The past-tense nature of the lyrics indicates that the story is being told in hindsight.

There was a shipwreck the night before, and he has woken up in the middle of the ocean—floating on some driftwood. On the boards below him are presumably the contents of his hourglass—a pile of sand (this is what is used to keep track of time on this planet which Justin has named, "Terrium.") Prill believes that his wife, "Prite," is calling him home (she lives on the other side of the Grand Wall, which is a barrier that separates the Math from R'oa. For more information on this, check out the lore[1]section).

Prill is worried that Prite has forgotten him while he was out on his reckless endeavor, and then an Albatross named "Artorn" makes his acquaintance. Prill expresses his distaste for the way ordinary people live their lives of comfort and luxury. He believes that life should be so much more than that. People are afraid of change, but the world is constantly changing, and Prill prides himself in his ability to change with it.

He asserts a desire to do something more with his life—something fresh, but he is afraid that he is not good enough to do anything else. He considers himself to be a master fisherman, but his father was also a sea hunter (the best in the business), and before he died, he gave Prill the spiral lure that has become his lucky charm. Because of his father's massive footsteps, Prill is unsure if he is good enough to follow in them and live up to the hype. He then goes on about missing his wife and yearning for her. He wishes that he could stay with her instead of gallivanting off on dangerous adventures, but it is job. It is how he provides.

After a very long time in the water, he sees the shoreline of the Grand Wall, and he is filled with a great enthusiasm. Prill plunges fully into the sea and makes his way towards home.


Fate began to pull at the bow of my hollow existence

So I prayed

No vessel, drifting in the ocean

Your hushing waves knew me

And of the dust that sat beneath my feet?

The Sandman must have shaky hands

You hailed me back!

My beloved waits at the wall beyond the sea

Please don't forget me

Or the man that I had truly meant to be

And above my head, an albatross with wings of iron

We're all that's left

My spirit woven thin

I should have drowned...

Jubilee and hilarity

-What life would be if you and I had exchanged our arms

I am promised to a century of torment and scorn

And every day, I wake up someone new—reborn

True suffering—the cottage of the world

I could catch a thousand sheepshead

I could bask in the glory of the spoil

But what it meant to me could never satisfy the taste for more

O' what catastrophe!

I'd mastered all my craft, but not reward

So soon, my ardent day would cast a spiraled shell—my fated lure

Jubilee and hilarity

-What life would be if you and I had exchanged our arms

I am promised to a century of torment and scorn

And every day, I wake up someone new—reborn

True suffering—the cottage of the world

O' how I longed to walk your shore!

To bathe in your affection forever

This tattered, twisted, broken mast would sail no more

But we sail endless...

Thus upon my brow, an omen

The heavy, secret eye evolves

Two iron wings take flight,

But to never stray my side

I could never be the same

I could spot it!

Your shoreline, just on horizon's beak

Vehemence, and I was kicking

But my fleeting strength was low

I reached out and clawed the swell back

Drenched and wide-eyed, I propelled forward

Forward I'd go!

The sea would not defeat me!