Apathy DoseEdit

The fifth track in Justin's Rap album "Dear Rudiff"

Theories Edit

In my opinion, Apathy Dose is essentially just a track about the sickness that can come from anti-depression pills and how much Prilly hates the world that he lives in. He has to take these pills that make him ill so he doesn't hurt others. That's why he is puking and just overall sick.

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Lyrics Edit

Yo, I gotta’ turn this click-track down  This shit’s too loud  Oh, I forgot the words to the song… Umm 

Dear Rudiff,  

The alarm went off, I let it ring  

I don’t even wanna get up to see this world  

Don’t wanna try—subject to all these thoughts of suicide  

And I wanna die, but I can’t ‘cause I owe you my life  

And that’s fine  I guess it flies, so I’ma do this one more time  

Feels like I’ma throw up  

Aye bro, what’s the hold up?  Waiting on your approval,  

But I know that shit won’t show up  

Can’t find the motivation to even get up out my bedroom  

Looks like the sky ain’t fall, but I been struggling for headroom  

I’m back on medication  They don’t want me going apeshit—uh  

The doctor said it’s not my fault I’m trapped in palliation  

But unless she wanna throw me a more permanent solution  

I’ma need to find a real way to sift through this dilution, bruh  

Ah—I been puking lightning bolts  These pills is gold, nigga  Ah—I fucking hate this world  

On the floor, lying in my own drool  

And I’m just about ready to slice open my motherfucking stomach  

It hurts to feel it merge into my body  

But it suppresses all the urges of this sociopathic mind  

The doctor says I’m doing fine—so fine  But I’m not…  

I’m living in a dome inside my head,  And I’m fucked  I’m not talking to my mother  

I’m not talking to my pa  I stopped talking to pretty much everyone but you, man  

-Here’s applause  I keep looking up to sky,  Surprised it still hangs there  

After all the bullshit that we been through?  You would think that shit would fall  

But it’s clinging like a spider clings  -The proof of room for lighter days  

I might just make it through all of this fluid coming out my fucking mouth  

Ah—I been puking lightning bolts  These pills is gold, nigga  Ah—I fucking hate this world  

I can see the gravedigger watching over me  

Black-holing me,  And showing me ways to take control of the creature that’s inside me  

But who else to confide in?  You never hit me back,  So this voice is like my best fucking friend  

Call it counter-productive  But fuck it  These pills don’t make the voices shutup  

They still be talking—just at a lower level  Got me feeling all dishevelled and shit  

That’s a big word for someone as retarded as me  It’s like a party in my body, and they kicking me out  

I’m feeling naughty, but my shawty, she done peaced the fuck out  

Because I stabbed her in the throat with a ballpoint pen  

Shit… I need to take my pills again  


Ah—I been puking lightning bolts  These pills is gold, nigga  Ah—I fucking hate this world