Blind Can't Follow was the second band that Justin Bonitz was a lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter for, joining together in 2008 at the age of 17.

Everything That ExistsEdit

Blind Can't Follow - Everything That Exists (2009 demo)

Blind Can't Follow - Everything That Exists (2009 demo)

"I wrote some of songs for this demo in 2008, when I was 18 years old. This particular recording is composed of two different LIVE performances at 'The Bull Run' where they mic'd our instruments and recorded the audio. These were our first two live shows ever. We were all nervous as hell, especially me, because there were a few hundred people there, and I had never sang in front of anybody besides my band. All of these songs have evolved into music that I am still working with on Hungry Lights " - Justin Bonitz

Track listing: Edit

  1. Everything That Exists
  2. The Default Illusion
  3. A Cunning Disguise
  4. Undefined
  5. Inùtil
  6. The Foundation
  7. Sever The Ties
  8. Alone 

Members: Edit

  • Vocals - Justin Bonitz
  • Background vocals - Justine Pumyea/Bobby Cote
  • Lead guitar - Justin Bonitz
  • Rhythm guitar - Justine Pumyea
  • Bass - Bobby Cote
  • Drums - Anthony Leroy

 Trivia Edit

  • "This demo album was also the beginning of 'The Mourn.' It was a sci-fi story about a guy who was going around injecting people with a death serum, and he did not know why. He did not even know who he was. He just did what 'The Master' told him to do. Eventually, he meets this girl, and they fall in love, and he starts getting his memory back. He remembers that he signed a contract, selling his soul to The Master. Once he remembers this, he realizes that the only way for him to be free again is to kill The Master, but the girl ends up caught in the crossfire and dies." -Justin Bonitz
  • There was a second album by Blind Can't follow titled "Evolution At Its FInest Hour EP" but no information about it is currently available