Song by Hungry Lights
from the album Heavy Is The Crown
November 15, 2016
Heavy Is The Crown track listing
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Aphotic Currents 2 Wickerman

"Contempt" is track two on the Hungry Lights studio album "Heavy Is The Crown."


The story begins six years after the ending of The Awry Ascent. The child borne by Prite turned out to be a daughter which they named, "Abalone." Her birth did not bring Prill happiness, as he had failed his original quest to capture Fothcrah and provide a better life for his family. While he loves them dearly, he has detached from his family and spends most of his time in his own head, repeating time after time the memories of the hunt for Fothcrah.


I was damned to repeat it

Temerity leaking and left behind, miles out in the burning sea

-Where my virtue stayed afloat

My summer came, I let it slip

And now regret tugged at my coat

In spite of the seed I chose to grow

When you smiled, I'd reconcile with all disdain my body showed

And with pretentious, tired eyes, I would look into the sea

And long a crown that never fit

I would not admit defeat

Had it gone differently, I could have been a king!

Now contrition curled my skin

Does it amuse you to watch a fool like me

Walk down a fishing line stretched 'cross a crater of sulfur and failure?

Alive, but never I'd felt so dead

That beast, she groaned inside my head to be set free

Ripping flesh from bone,

Her watchful eyes had been exposed!

Salvation was unknown to me while I was trapped in that wolf skin

This mind, O' it was already forsaken!

And I breathed out flames and lies and lies  

Let me demonstrate the lack of faith I'd obtained

True self, like a diamond, was hiding and covered in soot

Underneath mirrored mountains, you squirmed and you shook

Such life should never be contained!

So you claw and you bite and you scream

I was made to show the world how much a failure

Could learn and grow from his mistakes

Instead of rotting in their wake

All the glory—all the fame could never bring me consolation

Forever feed this fire that calmly vampires and erodes itself

-To only bring contempt 

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