Dart Tel'vallo is the older brother of the main protagonist, Prill, in Justin Bonitz's story From Windfall To Hell.


Dart was the older son of Baxter and Otia Tel'vallo. His mother died when he was a young child, leaving him and his younger brother, Prill, to be raised alone by their father. Their father passed away when Dart was a young adult. Dart has a lot of resentment for his father, so despite his natural talent, chose to have nothing to do with sea hunters, and instead works on the cargo freights. He wanted to serve time in the military, but chose against after his father died, that way he could take care of Prill.

Physical appearanceEdit

Age: 30 (at the beginning of Book 1 - The Awry Ascent). Dart is very cardinal-looking. He has a big, muscular frame, piercing blue eyes, a clean-shaven face, and usually rocks a crew-cut. He tends to wear horizontal striped, wool sweaters and dark knickers.


Dart is very stern and strong. He keeps to himself, and is extremely anti-social. He usually dislikes human interaction aside from his younger brother, Prill. Dart is very logical/rational-minded, and it is very rare for him to display any emotions.


Dart works on the cargo freights at the docks of Windfall. He could be a very talented sea hunter if he pursued the career, but chose not to. He is a brute, so he is a natural street-fighter.




  • The Awry Ascent (Novel)

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