Justin Bonitz made a Horrorcore Rap album called "Dear Rudiff".

Tracks: Edit

  1. Deaf Parrot
  2. Drought
  3. Trophy Case
  4. Washing Machines
  5. Apathy Dose
  6. Pulse
  7. Response
  8. Silver Lining
  9. Gutter
  10. Hollowed

Story: Edit

Dear Rudiff is a concept album about a man named Prilly Tru who wants to commit suicide, but wants approval from his childhood friend named Rudiff. Prilly writes letters to Rudiff, (thus the album being called "Dear Rudiff") because Rudiff has gone off the radar and is missing, making letters the only way he can attempt at communicating with him. After a while of writing, he finally gets a response from Rudiff, which was shown in the song "Response" and instead of Rudiff comforting him or telling him not to kill himself like you would expect a friend to, he instead says "Do what you gotta do". This makes Prilly irate. He then seeks someone to talk to by going to his therapist, Barbara, on rather short notice. While he is talking to Barbara, he notices a box on her desk. He takes the box from her and opens it to find all the letters he was sending to Rudiff, and is thrown into a rage. He brutally murders Barbara with her office tools. He then sets out to kill Rudiff, and whether he is successful or not has not been revealed as of current, because Justin is not ready to tell us the rest of the story yet as he wants us as the fans to discuss it. In all the wiki pages of the songs, there is a theory section where you can discuss your thoughts there if you want to.


Justin Bonitz, The Hungry Lights Facebook Group, The Song Lyrics

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