Song by Hungry Lights
from the album Heavy Is The Crown
November 15, 2016
Heavy Is The Crown track listing
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Piñata Heavy Is The Crown

"Demetrius" is track seven on the Hungry Lights studio album "Heavy Is The Crown."


Prill miraculously survives the fall. Injured and delirious, he makes his way through the dark tunnels, lead by a familiar voice. He is eventually is ambushed with a poison gas attack by, Demetrius (whom he met during The Awry Ascent). Prill wakes up in Demetrius' chambers, and he feels betrayed because of what Atah'xia did to him as well as Demetrius. Prill explains everything that has happened to him since they last met, pleas his case, and Demetrius is guilt-tripped into letting him go.


O' it was fool's gold!

As I approached, distilled—swimming in dither

Had I gone astray?

Was it from longing for the crest I’d obtained?

I wouldn’t feel the chains

I was lost again

The bridge from here to you was burned

And I was stuck in between two cliffs

-One behind and one in front

I sank down until a hold from up above

I felt a pressing weight from my new crown

But I could never ever take it off

I was trapped under the all nonsense upon my height

How there was no fortune after all!

Just a boa constricting and pressing in

I've tried my hardest to fight against her revolt

But she had stonewalled

O’ she’s the prospect I’d never hold!

And a reflection from the out distracting from the realm within me

I knew not friend nor foe, for everything I saw was filmed in wrong

I was dreaming


I was dreaming


When I awoke, the world I knew had been retired

It dropped down, I dropped again!

And I regret pursuing the foul beast,

For I had let arrogance contort my perspective

I’m in ire!

And what a waste to think I had it perfect!

No, what did I have?

What did I have?


I am sincere when I say

That I wish that I never went back to the sea

-Deeper, the pit of my failures

In my eyes, you’re a clockwork soot-bat

Rearranged by perception

Do you feel it, or do you just want to leave me?

Well, aren’t I just the black-sheep jackal kicked from salvation's den!

How do I know you don’t trust me?

Because you tricked me

Is to trust not to put all faith into someone you don’t know?

Well, I don’t know you

At least I don’t anymore 

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