This is about the project "Drudgework." If you meant to go to the page for the Hungry Lights race of the same name, click here.
Drudgework was an experimental electronic music project by Justin Bonitz in 2012, and only ever released one demo album called At Rest.

History Edit

"I created this little project in 2012. I never went too far into the project because it was extremely tedious to make each track, and I felt like investing my time in something else. Eventually the sound and name of the project was just merged into amnaeon. It was made using Sylenth 1, Halion Sonic and EZDrummer." -Justin Bonitz

The Album Edit

Drudgework - At Rest (2012 EP)17:10

Drudgework - At Rest (2012 EP)

At Rest tracklist: Edit

  1. Autophobia
  2. Speech Maker
  3. Toadstompa
  4. The Filter

Trivia Edit

  • This project was originally supposed to be about a conscious AI that fell in love with a girl, but could not pursue the relationship because it was a computer and she was a human. But, I dropped that idea and just started experimenting with sounds and programs. 
  • The vocal samples from "Toadstompa" were from a video I created with Rob Dyke featuring a character-personality named, "Stan Robax." Unfortunately, the video was never finished, but luckily it inspired this song.

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