From Windfall To Hell (originally titled The Mourn) is a story that is told through the musical project Hungry Lights in 5 parts as concept albums. It was announced that the story is open for interpretation. While there is a direct story-line involving the main character, Prill, and his quest for glory and reward, there is also a figurative story that hides between the lines.

"It is about a man who does not believe he is good enough, so he begins to pursue his ideal of happiness, and ultimately loses touch with the person he is inside." - Hungry Lights


Prill, the main character of "From Windfall To Hell"


Part 1: The Awry AscentEdit

An Outset In The SeaEdit

"An Outset In The Sea" is the first chapter in the story. It shows the main character, Prill, waking up in the middle of the ocean; floating in the wreckage of what was once a sailboat. He inquires to himself as to why he did not drown, and expresses much self-loathing and a hunger that he cannot satisfy. The story reveals that Prill is accompanied by an albatross. Toward the end, he is filled with a courageous verve, and begins his swim to the shore.

Prite & PromiseEdit

This song is Prill's tiresome swim to the shore, where he appears to express a longing for his love, Prite, and the desire to be with her again. Filled with the peaceful memory of her, he endures his own exhaustion, but there is a danger lurking in the depths, and he must persevere if he wishes to walk the shore with her again.

The FenceEdit

In this chapter, Prill is again with who appears to be his wife, but not for long, as he learns that he is going to be a father. The news thrills him, yet at the same time, it plants a seed of doubt in the soil of his mind. He is filled with an insecurity that he will not be able to provide for his family as a simple fisherman, and commences a journey to make his new desire a reality.

A Drunken StalemateEdit

During this chapter of the story, Prill wanders out of a storm, and into a tavern full of drunks, harlots, and heathens. A woman who is perceived to be a prostitute takes kindly to him. He is also intoxicated. Prill dances with the woman, and hopes she will leak information about the creature he wishes to hunt.

Umber TowerEdit

In this chapter, Prill has made his way to a lighthouse. There is a seer who resides at the top. The seer's name is "Flinter". Prill believes that the Flinter may be able to tell him where he may find the beast he seeks. The entrance leads him deep into an underground cavern. He feels uneasy, and treads carefully. He is swarmed by dark entities that offer a riddle he must answer correctly in order to gain entry into the lighthouse.

The NimloksEdit

"The Nimloks" appear to be creatures that lurk in the cavern underneath Umber Tower. Prill must defeat them in order to progress. There is an ominous river flowing quietly through the cavern, and it offers death. Prill experiences much self-doubt, and does not know if he can cross it, but is forced into making a decision as the nimloks surround him.

The Awry Ascent (Title Track)Edit

In this chapter, Prill must ascend a large, spiraling staircase. He is called by the sound of chimes ringing in the distance. This sound further nourishes the seed of doubt that was planted in the garden of his mind. Higher and higher he climbs the endless staircase until he becomes aware, and shatters the illusion. He enters the room at the top of the lighthouse, where Flinter allows him one question. Prill queries about the whereabouts of the sea-creature he seeks. The seer grants him the knowledge, but also warns him that the path he walks is not one of reward, but one of punishment. Prill then embarks on his voyage.

In The Eyes Of A SwordEdit

In this chapter, Prill has reached a dead end, as he is stranded in open water with no wind to carry his vessel. In this downtime, Prill is left alone with his thoughts, and he realizes he has made an error. With the epiphany, he is filled with an inner-fire, and takes control of his quest, expressing more and more desire to make his dream a reality.


The storm is getting worse. Prill's ship is capsized and nearly destroyed in the swell. The seed of doubt that was planted many chapters ago has grown into a deathly, rampant weed that has ravaged the garden of his mind, and reflects nothing but fear, shame, and desperation. He believes that he cannot turn back anymore. He has no choice but to continue forward on his quest.


"Fothcrah" is the final chapter in the story. Here, Prill is face to face with the creature that he has been hunting. Despite seeing that he is clearly outmatched, he foolishly continues to attempt to catch the mighty beast, ending the story on an eerie cliff-hanger.

Part 2: Heavy Is The Crown Edit

Contempt Edit

The story begins years after the ending of The Awry Ascent. The child beared by Prite turned out to be a daughter, Abalone. Yet her birth did not bring Prill happiness. He's completely detached from his family and spends most of his time in his own head, repeating time after time the memories of the hunt for Fothcrah. There is nothing but anger and regret in his heart and he tries to suppress it, not knowing how long he'll last.

Wickerman Edit

Prill needs a way out, something on which he could focus his thoughts. So he turns to gambling. One evening, he comes across a player better than him, and in turn loses everything. The debt is too much for him to pay. Panic and anger take hold of his mind, and he takes hold of a pistol. Prill shoots the man who bested him right between the eyes. With hands soaked in blood, he hastely leaves the tavern.

The Thorn That Split My Wheel Edit

The brother of Prills victim was an incredibly powerful man, an outlaw named Reflaugh. In outrage, the man unleashed his revenge and went on to kidnap Abalone. Prite was furious, and Prill knew he had to get their daughter back. This was his road to redemption, so he tracked Reflaugh down and sailed into the raging ocean once more.

My Finest Hour Edit

Prill remembered the thrill that the ocean gave him six years ago. That thrill filled him with life once again. After a long time without any answers, all his questions began to answer themselves. He finally knows he has to end this vicious cycle of depression and torment.

Piñata Edit

Prill's optimism wears off when his emotions start to take hold. He realises that he is poison for his family and when Abalone is rescued, he needs to leave them. He realises his anger will consume not only him but also drag everyone he loves into his hole of torment. Prill finds Reflaugh's lair, where a mysterious woman is imprisoned. He frees her and she returns the favour by pushing him off a cliff.

Demetrius Edit

Prill survives, and finds and old friend, Demetrius in a sunken lair. Hoping that he will help him with his quest, Demetrius mysteriously betrays him and stabs Prill in the back with a poison coated blade. He somehow survives and then forces Demetrius to tell him exactly where Reflaugh is.

Heavy Is The Crown Edit

Another failure struck Prill on his journey, as he is captured by Dredgework. He tries to fight back but success is not with him. He's powerless.

Constancy Edit

The Dredgework carry Prill to a cage made of mirrors, where he has nothing else to do but to watch his reflection and contemplate his mistakes. Soon, they start to consume him and he has only one wish - to never be born, erased from the lives of others for he only brings harm and disappointment.

The Worst Of Evils Edit

Prill believes that he is worthless. He doesn't want to wait for death by resting his head comfortably on the chopping block. He decides to fight back. And he does, shattering the mirrored cage into millions of shards. Free again, he sets out to meet his foe.

A Father's End Edit

Prill finds his daughter inside a colossal chamber. But they're not alone. Reflaugh and his crew surround them. The pirate captain congratulates him on finding his prize, but then takes Abalone away once again. His men lock Prill in a giant furnace where he is supposedly burned alive. But when they open the door, expecting to see only a lifeless, charred corpse, instead they see Prill, burned and scorned yet with heart still beating. Reflaugh is impressed, and offers Prill to pay of his debt by joining his crew. Prill has no choice but to accept.

Part 3: Three Gods and Me ~ 2017Edit

Part 4: TBA ~ 2018Edit

Part 5: From Windfall To Hell~ 2019Edit

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