The ninth song in Justin's Rap album "Dear Rudiff"

Theories Edit

Prilly just murdered Barbara, and now I have a feeling he is wanting to murder Rudiff with much more painful methods. In this song, he is writing one last letter to Rudiff with threats to torture him brutally and kill him slowly.

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He wanna kill a dude -Skylar

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Lyrics Edit

Dear… Rudiff,  Nah, that’s not good enough.  That’s not good enough.  Dear... 

Dear bitch,  

I guess I changed my mind  

It’d be anti-climatic to drop this on a good line  

I been thinking a lot ‘bout what you said to me  

And the more I thought, the more you end up dead to me  

Your words pricked like a viper’s bite  

I might suck out that venom just to use it for spite  

Uh—that’s why I write this  -To let you know I’m coming for you  

You got another place to stay?  Because I’m gunning for you  

Running all the way…  I’ll be there in a day or two...  

I’m not your friend,  So I don’t know who the fuck is praying for you  

I’m not delaying, I’m just giving fair-warning  

Got one chance to leave before I show up and start goring  

Dig—boring my nails through your cheeks  

And pull out your teeth with the bent end of a tire-iron  

No need for pliers—too quick and too painless  

Was gonna drop a chorus, but don’t even wanna sing that shit 

I just wanna string you up  

I wanna push weights on your legs and bust your kneecaps out  

Shove needles in your pupils,  And drag ‘em ‘round the iris  

Get that disinfectant ‘cause I don’t want you to die yet  Blood and bile as you puke up worms  

Lap it in a glass and make you drink your own vomit  Prilly Tru be telling it, I hope I didn’t stutter  

Dreaming up your funeral, while I throw you in the gutter, cunt 

I been crafting up and scheming  

And thinking of all the many ways that I could stop you from blinking  

Man, you gonna’ see the full show!  And I’m counting down the hours and minutes before it’s air-time  

Ahh, you hear that?  The sound of your cries,  

As I’m burning off your cuticles with a soldering iron  

And I don’t mean to be critical, I’m kinda’ analytical  

Admit I’m going too fucking far  But I been off my meds for three fucking weeks  

Man, this feels great!  For the first time in a while, I can finally fucking think  

My shrink’s been telling me to stay on ‘em  

‘Cause she can’t do her fucking job,  She said it’s not her problem  

The trauma you gon’ go through  When I show you pictures of her  

But you the main course, call that bitch an early desert  

I’m being literal, I’m really gonna’ eat ya’  

Rip out your esophagus and wolf it like a pizza 

I just wanna bleed you dry  Bloat your fucking body, fly you like a kite  

I’m in your skin  I’ll slip my tongue into all the little muscles and fibers  

-Loosely holding you together  

Blood and bile as you puke up worms  

Lap it in a glass and make you drink your own snot  

Prilly Tru be telling it, I hope I didn’t stutter  

Dreaming up your funeral, while I throw you in the gutter, bitch 

Hey, I’m being saved now  

There’s a warm, bright light creeping ‘round my ankles  

It means there’s still a chance to rise to Heaven  

Forgive and forget and never regret  And as iron sharpens iron, so man sharpens man  

-Proverbs 27:17  I understand now  I have been changed—my soul has been lifted  

Because of you, man… all pain done shifted 


What you think, I believe all that?  

Ain’t no “God” gon’ stop this fucking demon attack  

Ain’t no Heaven for you,  

Ain’t no Hell for me  

When you die, you gon’ end up on a dirty fucking street corner  

Where I drop the trash bag with your body parts shoved in it  

You end up in the sewer when I vomit you out  

‘Cause I can’t properly digest your fucking bone marrow  

And once you’re dead, I’ma break and fuck the glass of your mirror too 

I’m only rolling in one nigga deep 

I don’t mean to preach, but I’ma wake you from your sleep 

And rape your faggot ass with a pitchfork 

Just one time, so I can live it back and masturbate to it 

Blood and bile as you puke up sperm 

Slap it on a plate and make you eat your own shit, bitch 

Prilly Tru be telling it, I hope I didn’t stutter 

Dreaming up a funeral, while I throw you in the gutter, motherfucker