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Heavy Is The Crown
Studio album by Hungry Lights
November 15, 2016
Experimental Metal
Digital Release
Justin Bonitz
Hungry Lights chronology
TheAwryAscent1000x Heavy
(2015) (2016)

Heavy Is The Crown is a concept album and the second studio album by Hungry Lights. It is Part 2 of a story that Hungry Lights is writing called, "From Windfall To Hell." The album title and first track listing were both announced through a video on Justin Bonitz's now defunct vlogging channel Hungry Buttons.

Story Edit

Heavy Is The Crown takes place six years after the events of The Awry Ascent. It is about Prill's dismal attempt at redemption after a delusional descent into madness, and having to suppress a rage that is eating away his insides.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Aphotic Currents 2
  2. Contempt
  3. Wickerman
  4. The Thorn That Split My Wheel
  5. My Finest Hour
  6. Piñata
  7. Demetrius
  8. Heavy Is The Crown
  9. Constancy
  10. The Worst Of Evils
  11. A Father's End

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