"Hungry Lights Wiki"
21 March 2008
An information source on Hungry Lights and From Windfall To Hell, the fictional universe created by Justin Bonitz and all related media. A site for fans to enjoy.
Lukas Exemplar, Mewzen, The Last and Only King

Hungry Lights Wiki is a community site dedicated to the musical project Hungry Lights as well as the story From Windfall To Hell.

The goals of the Hungry Lights Wikia are:

  1. To be the ultimate guide to everything relating to Hungry Lights and From Windfall To Hell.
  2. To create a community where members can edit together as well as discuss theories, books and other things.


Why should I join?Edit

Hungry Lights Wiki relies on editors to keep the wiki running smoothly and alive! Not only will you become a part of a great community.


Hungry Lights Wiki was founded by Lukas Exemplar on the 27th July 2015, and was soon accompanied by a new admin named Mewzen, who both built most of the wiki from scratch. Today Lukas Exemplar and Mewzen are still active staff members, along with The Last and Only King and constantly edits the wiki.


  • If you wish to contact Hungry Lights Wiki, please contact us at
  • The following users are experienced and can be contacted individually.


Lukas Exemplar
Wiki founder. Oversees all major changes. Contact about anything regarding major changes to the wiki. Template:Administrators/Active
Manages the wiki and oversees the wiki and any changes. Contact for issues or feedback on the design of the wiki or in general. Template:Administrators/Active
The Last and Only King
Head editor. Designs code, writes templates and oversees the wiki and any changes. The Last and Only King is consistently active on the wiki and makes high quality edits. Contact for any issues regarding article content or accuracy, as well as issues or feedback on the design of the wiki, codes, templates and images or in general. Template:Administrators/Active

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