Justin Bonitz
Justin Bonitz2
Name Justin Bonitz
Age 26
Occupation Musician, Producer, Author, Comedian

Justin Bonitz is an American singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, author, and comedian. He was a founding member of the band amnaeon, and is currently active on his solo project Hungry Lights.

While as amnaeon, he performed covers of popular artists and amassed a large following on YouTube.

Justin had released four albums under amnaeon, "Aorta Borealis IV," "The Proamates III," "Wolfpit Drive V," and "General Reem II." Justin had been working on his fifth album, which he made known would be under the title, "Mt. Krell I," when he suddenly announced he would be remastering his first album again. Many fans were concerned that the songs would not be as good as the originals, but Justin disclosed that he had been revising and recreating some of his songs since 2006, and that they had technically never heard the "originals."

He said,

"I am not a static person. I am constantly changing my beliefs, appearance, and interests. My music is no different. Like me, it is alive, and always changing, and you need to understand and accept that." -Justin Bonitz

A month or so later, he uploaded a very emotional video to his YouTube channel where he disclosed that he hated doing covers, and was extremely upset that his fan-base preferred hearing him sing other people's songs over his own. He felt that they did not appreciate his true passion, and soon after, left all social media, deleting his YouTube channel, Soundcloud, Facebook page/account, Bandcamp, and taking what he could of his music with him. Before he vanished, he left one final post where he stated,

"I just cannot handle it anymore. I steered my channel in the wrong direction, and I need to start over. Please understand that I am not quitting music. Think of this as a tactical retreat. I will be back. Just search for 'Hungry Lights.'" -Justin Bonitz

Hungry Lights is considered the successor to amnaeon, as Justin considers his work as amnaeon to be demos for Hungry Lights.

On October 11, 2015, Hungry Lights released it's debut album titled "The Awry Ascent," which is also the first part in a five part story titled From Windfall To Hell. Most of the songs on "The Awry Ascent" are redone versions of songs that were originally on Aorta Borealis IV.

Through a post on the Hungry Lights Subreddit, Justin announced that he was also working on an acoustic solo album that is unrelated to Hungry Lights.

On December 8, 2015, Justin's debut acoustic album titled Mt. Garbage was released.

On December 28, 2015, Justin announced on his new vlogging channel "Hungry Buttons" along with the track list, that the title of his second album would be titled "Heavy Is The Crown."


Aside from his music, Justin was also known for comedic skits that he would upload onto YouTube during the amnaeon Era. Since then, Justin now runs a YouTube Channel titled "Hungry Shadows" where his new comedy material can be found.

Justin was the co-host a YouTube gaming show titled "Zombie Horse" with fellow comedian Rob Dyke.

Justin also has a YouTube Channel titled "Hungry Potoos" that serves as his personal gaming channel.

On October 3, 2015, Justin released a comedy album titled "Uncle Tito" under the band name "Otto Rocket & The Proamates." The album was released with this description:

""Uncle Tito" is a concept album about a rogue assassin who learns some top-secret information, and tries to take down a huge corporation. However; things do not go according to plan. It was created to show how incredible garage band music can be."

On October 5, 2015 Justin released another album, but this time a parody album under the band name "Snailfetus Kidney Sacrifice" that is titled "The Crawling."


6 Minutes To A Wheelchair (2008)

Year Name
2008 All The Way To The Bank (Single)

Blind Can't Follow (2009)

Year Name
2009 Everything That Exists
2009 Evolution At Its Finest Hour EP

amnaeon (2009-2015) "amnÆon (2009-2011)"

Year Name
2010 Everything That Exists
2011 Evolution At Its Finest Hour
2012 Aorta Borealis
2013 Aorta Borealis IV
2013 The Proamates III
2013 Wolfpit Drive V
2014 General Reem II
unreleased Mt. Krell I

Hungry Lights

Year Name
2015 The Awry Ascent
2016 Heavy Is The Crown
TBD Three Gods & Me

Justin Bonitz

Year Name
2002 Wild Geece
2006 Crushed By A Troll
2007 Alone (Single)
2015 Mt. Garbage

Side ProjectsEdit

Wolfpit Drive

Year Name
2011 Emulsion

General Reem

Year Name
2011 As The Crow Flies


Year Name
2012 At Rest

Mt. Krell

Year Name
2012 Umfrant

Otto Rocket & The Proamates

Year Name
2015 Uncle Tito
2016 Elephant Seal

Snail Fetus Kidney Sacrifice

Year Name
2015 The Crawling

Call It Ego

Year Name
2016 Back To The Old Way

Prilly T.

Year Name
2017 Dear Rudiff

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