Prill Tel'vallo is a fictional character who appears prominently throughout Justin Bonitz' story From Windfall To Hell. Prill is the central character and narrator of Bonitz' concept album The Awry Ascent, which tells the first chapter of From Windfall To Hell, and also be a prominent character in the first upcoming novel concerning the story, currently being written by Bonitz.


Prill was the younger son of Baxter and Otia Tel'vallo. His mother died when he was only 6, leaving him and his older brother, Dart, to be raised alone by their father. His father passed away when Prill was 19 years old. At some point in his life he had met and later married 6 years older women, Prite Fernotta, with whom he had concieved a daughter, Abalone. When his wife was pregnant with her, Prill thinking that he could not sustain his family by being a simple fisherman, decided to go on a quest of finding and killing the mythical sea monster called Fothcrah.

Physical appearanceEdit

Age: 30 at the beginning of Book 1 - The Awry Ascent.

He is of a slender build. Despite his age, his hair is completely white, possibly because of a stressful life. He wears simple fisherman brown cloths and some shell jewelry.






  • The Awry Ascent
    • The Awry Ascent (Novel)
  • Heavy Is The Crown
    • Heavy Is The Crown (Novel)
  • Three Gods & Me
    • Three Gods & Me (Novel)
  • The Untitled Book 4 of Windfall to Hell
    • The Untitled Book 4 of Windfall to Hell (Novel)
  • The Mourn
    • The Mourn (Novel)

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