Prite Tel'vallo (maiden named Prite Fernotta) is a fictional character who appears prominently throughout Justin Bonitz's story From Windfall To Hell. Prite is Prill's wife.


Prite moved to Windfall from a city called, "Prock" which is north of the Oakrum Divide. Her and Prill met roughly nine years before "The Awry Ascent" takes place. Prite and Prill have a daughter named Abalone, who first appears in Book 2 - Heavy Is The Crown.

Physical appearanceEdit

Age: 29 (at the beginning of Book 1 - The Awry Ascent). She has long, curly, dark hair, typically wears earth-toned dresses, is very slender, dark eyes, and has a prominent freckle that is slightly off-center from the middle of her forehead.


Prite is very motherly and worrisome. She is usually rather patient, but she has an extremely fiery temper when rubbed the wrong way. She tends to keep to herself, so it is hard to know if she is actually happy or sad—especially when Prill is not around.


Prite likes to collect seashells.




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