"Prite & Promise"
Song by Hungry Lights
from the album The Awry Ascent
October 11, 2015
The Awry Ascent track listing
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An Outset In The Sea The Fence

"Prite & Promise" is track three on the Hungry Lights studio album "The Awry Ascent."


This song is Prill's tiresome swim to the shore. He appears to express a longing for his wife, Prite, and the desire to be with her again. Filled with the peaceful memory of her, he endures his own exhaustion, but there is a danger lurking in the depths, and he must persevere if he wishes to walk the shore with her again.


I had taken long to your shore

From within the febrile sea, I'd finally emerged

On the surface, I kept aspire to never stop

My muscles ached, and I was torn

I deny that I am exhausted

-Soon to end 

My paramour stood open-armed on the sand where first took our glance

I'd keep the promise that I made along that bank

All my life, you're all I need

The one to draw prosperity

Erasing you would be my fault, and I'd not cry

Stroke by stroke, my arms felt like concrete

I kept my head above surface, but I choked the brackish water

O' I seethed!

It pushed waves of death deep inside my head

-Vibrations of psalm

Amidst the swell, I heard you!

All my life, you're all I need

The one to draw prosperity

Erasing you would be my fault, and I'd not cry

But as I inched the forward, how kelp bristled my feet!

Entangled in those fingers

And I'd no strength for a counter

It wrenched and pulled me under

I kept my hands aloft

I would not break my promise

Not here, so close to you!

O' I grabbed the strings and I dug into that knot!

Pushed to your shore, I stumbled out

All my life, I tried to be the one to draw prosperity

I'm wishing everything I drew was gone, and I'd not cry

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