This page lists all the currently known creatures and races featured in Justin Bonitz's story From Windfall To Hell from his musical project titled Hungry Lights.

Humanoid Races Edit

Creatures Edit

  • Ichthyosaurus (ichthyosauria)
  • Narrahkian Mountain Bear (like a grizzly on steroids)
  • Plesiosaurs (sea dinosaurs)
  • Sabertooth Tigers
  • Sea Wasps (giant water wasps)
  • Glow-worms (enormous worms that live under Umber Tower and listen to dubstep)
  • Tuatara
  • Static Eels
  • Sootbats (balls of cloth with bat wings and a single foot)
  • Nimloks (insectoids that live under Umber Tower)
  • Stranglekelp (very large jellyfish)
  • Vorcepeds (big flying cenitpedes with huge fangs)
  • Wooly Mammoths
  • Zeffra (three-horned zebra)

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