The seventh track to Justin's Rap album "Dear Rudiff"

Theories Edit

My thought process on this son is: Right after Pulse, as Prilly is depressed that Rudiff won't respond to his letters, Prill finally gets a letter back. He is very excited to read the first words sent to him since they were kids. He was disappointed to see that instead of a greeting or a farewell, he opens the letter to see the words "I don’t advocate it Tru, you go do what you got to do If you feel you’re so alone" in the letter. Though making him angry, this causes Prilly to still keep his life because he does not want to kill himself anymore, but wants to kill Rudiff.

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Lyrics Edit

Dear Rudiff,  

I wish I listened to you when we was on top,  

Back when we was still soldiers  Iraq felt quick, we let that slip  

And you was right, man… things have never been the same  

Since we last spoke, I have been struggling  

I guess it kinda’ bugs me that you just stopped responding  

But the other day, I got this letter…  

It was addressed from you to me,  

And I thought it’d get better  I didn’t open it at first, no  

I kept it on my kitchen floor, walked around it real slow  

Just had to soak it all up  The fact you finally got back…  

I was unsure of myself  Alluring it felt to sit and watch  

Waiting to see if it would just start to open itself  I was afraid, man  

We haven’t spoken in ten years and sixteen days, man  

I been counting…  

“I don’t advocate it  

Tru, you go do what you got to do  

If you feel you’re so alone”  

I don’t know what to think…  Like, what the fuck you tryna’ say?  

That if I offed myself, you would not give a shit either way?  

I guess I’m confused, I feel used  Like, what the fuck am I supposed to do?  

I was expecting more from you, Rudiff  Put up a fight or something  

This isn’t right...  There’s nothing in those empty words!  

You just dismissed me!  You’re acting like you won’t miss me  

Man, all you did here was diss me…  

I’m hurting  

“I don’t advocate it  Tru, you go do what you got to do  If you feel you’re so alone”  

Dear Rudiff,  This will be the last time that I write you  

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, it’s that I’m not like you  

Different people, different strings, all that  I guess it doesn’t matter, but aye, don’t try to write me back  

I would not want you to waste the stamp  

I won’t be around, so that shit just get returned to you  

Anyway, thanks for finally getting back  


P.S.  Asshole  

“I don’t advocate it 

Tru, you go do what you got to do

If you feel you’re so alone”

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