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The Awry Ascent
Studio album by Hungry Lights
October 11, 2015
Experimental Metal
Digital Release
Justin Bonitz
Hungry Lights chronology
TheAwryAscent1000x Heavy
(2015) (2016)

"The Awry Ascent" is a concept album about a man who loses himself to his desires. Are they really worth it? This is the first studio album by Hungry Lights. It is part one of a five part story that Justin Bonitz (the man behind Hungry Lights) is writing called, "From Windfall To Hell."

"The Awry Ascent" was released on October 11,2015 after a celebratory live stream on YouTube.


"The Awry Ascent" is a story about a young man named "Prill." He has spent his life as a plesiosaur hunter, but decides he wants to leave that life behind and start anew. A wrench is suddenly thrown in the gears, and it pushes him to go on the hunt to catch a mythical sea beast named "Fothcrah" in order to give his wife and unborn child a better life. This story is the beginning of his delusional decent into madness.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Aphotic Currents 1
  2. An Outset In The Sea
  3. Prite & Promise
  4. The Fence
  5. A Drunken Stalemate
  6. Umber Tower
  7. The Nimloks
  8. The Awry Ascent
  9. In The Eyes Of A Sword
  10. Wither
  11. Fothcrah

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