"The Awry Ascent"
Author Justin Bonitz
From Windfall To Hell
To Be Released in 2017
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Heavy Is The Crown

"The Awry Ascent" is the first book of five in Justin Bonitz's story "From Windfall To Hell." This first book is the tragic tale of a man who loses himself to his desires. The book has not been released yet, and Justin says he is currently editing the fourth draft.

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"The Awry Ascent" is a story about a young man named "Prill." He has spent his life as a plesiosaur hunter, but decides he wants to leave that life behind and start anew. A wrench is suddenly thrown in the gears, and it pushes him to go on the hunt to catch a mythical sea beast named "Fothcrah" in order to give his wife and unborn child a better life. This story is the beginning of his delusional decent into madness.

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