"The Worst Of Evils"
Song by Hungry Lights
from the album Heavy Is The Crown
November 15, 2016
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Constancy A Father's End

"The Worst Of Evils" is track ten on the Hungry Lights studio album "Heavy Is The Crown." Remember that this is a summary, not the entire story! It is like 10% of what is actually going on—just the skeleton. It is a rough translation of what is literally going on in the lyrics. There is also a figurative story that is taking place at the same time which goes much deeper and does not involve the fictional character Prill, but that is up to you to find :) It is much easier to discover the hidden meaning when you grasp a decent understanding of the literal meaning first. These are your puzzle pieces, and I highly suggest you study them before pursuing the next albums in the sequence, otherwise emotion and information will be lost, therefore connections will be missed!


"The Worst Of Evils" is misleading. Up until this point in the story, we have seen Prill be wrathful, greedy, prideful, envious, and even a little bit lazy. Because "Heavy Is The Crown" is about pride being the only crown Prill has, and him wearing it proudly, you would assume that the worst of evils would be that, but it is not so. The worst of evils is hope. Let us dig a bit deeper!

The first part of the song is Prill objectively looking at his reflection and pointing out the things he has become in comparison to the things he used to be. He talks about his sad dreams, his state of being, what he has done to get to this point, and his denial of the truth up until now. He talks about all these things, then asserts that accepting them does not make him a coward because when he was the top of his little world, he still had the courage to let go and face reality. He faces the fact that he was never doing this for his daughter or his wife. He never set out to catch Fothcrah for them either. It was always for him and his self-righteous dignity and pride. In admitting that, he feels weak, but there is now a shard of light that keeps him holding on, and he refuses to lie to himself again. The light grows!

He is then empowered by the truth! He sees his potential, and his rage energy and sorrow is transformed into strength as he bursts his way out out of the prism and into the caverns. This is the real Prill that was lost many, many years ago, and that is why hope is the worst of evils, because it is exactly what Prill has now—hope.


O’ how faceless!

How pitiful I’ve become

A soft impersonation of who I am

I’m outnumbered and made to fold

Now an offed and spent reflection has stained the glass

I once dreamed of a bittersweet end

And I’m done correcting most flaws

‘Cause who am I to ever be anything?

I’ve blown through the pages,

And no hope for perfect sight

I’m in denial

But I'm not a coward!

For when I had it all,

I had the courage to let things go...

Yet in the final hour,

I was not good enough

I'd not the strength to push things through

You'd find me face down—alone

The blinding glimmer of the king's crown

Should never have tainted this mind

I'd rather fail than lie again!

But I'm not a coward!

For when I had it all,

I had the courage to let things go...

Yet in the final hour,

I was not good enough

I'd not the strength to push things through

O' I stood with a fist full of anger!

I lashed out and clawed at the door

Your cage could no longer contain me,

For I was feeling that weight lift off

That's me in the front of the chamber!

That’s me who I saw in the glass!

Your cage could no longer contain me!

I was free...

Now to keep that promise I'd made

Windfall called me

To slay any wicked things that stand in my way

Hoping I'd find you in slumber soon

 Trivia Edit

  • The opening tune to this song is based on a song called "What If The Sun Didn't Shine," written by Justin Bonitz in 2002, and is featured as the second track on his first demo album titled "Wild Geece."
  • The name of this track was reused from an old amnaeon tack that has been scrapped. It was first featured on the demo album "Aorta Borealis IV," released in 2013. The final song has no relation to that song other that its title. It is an entirely new song for Hungry Lights.

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